Friday, November 27, 2009

Fast as Lightning

fast as lightning
we travel through this world
sometimes we dont see ourselves
sometimes we fall and break our bones

fast as lightning we hate
fast as lightning we love
but when the ice cream truck comes
we slow down

hey listen to the song
it can almost send you to sleep
or even awaken
that hidden need to feed the hungry
or to even wash someones feet

fast as lightning we all die
and fast as lightning we are all born
water is slow and lightning is fast
the hills grow wider
and the trees grow taller
fast as lighting

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For some reason this video really made my moody blues go down the drain.
There is some magic there. The song and video both are very lighthearted and truly capture Ringo's warm and friendly personality.
Thank you Ringo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Gift

A couple of weeks ago a friend filled my heart with joy with a beautiful gift, an immortalized portrait of yours truly. It was such an honor to receive this painting in the mail. The feeling is inexplicably grand.
Bekka Bluebird is the artist. Bekka a warm hearted jack of all trades hails from the hills and hollers of the great dutch state of Pennsylvania. Flanked by her children whom she adores and her infrangible husband, Bekka changes this world with nothing else but love. The simplicity of her art and her love for all that is good in this world make her a light: a very bright light that for some undeserving reason, has shined on me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dollar Store Dream

I was at a dollar store buying some things.
As I turn around from grabbing something from a rack on the wall, a lady with long gray hair shoves an ice pop in my mouth. I move to another aisle, she follows me and proceeds to rub up against me as she walks down the aisle. I then walk over to my wife and head to the check out and leave the store. It is dark and cold outside.
I go to visit my friend who is Billy Crudup. He needs a heroin fix, so I proceed to help him by tying a tourniquet on his bicep. I also inject him with the drug. The lady with with the long gray hair is hanging around the house.
All of a sudden the cops show up and we run away. We end up catching our breath in the middle of a forest. We are getting really hungry. Billy says that he hears the worms underneath the trees trying to get out of the ground. We then start to rip out the roots of a huge tree and once all the roots are exhumed we tip over the tree. We can see the worms peeking out of the ground. I plucked them, and one by one they popped out. The worms were about 2 feet long.
We begin to eat the worms; we are satisfied.

Friday, November 20, 2009


One step at a time
It makes the world turn round and round

Sometimes it seems like its too late
and then its all right and all bright again
The streets of the busy city are ours again

"Buy me a rubber band shooter!" she says
"If you do, Ill love you forever and ever"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tom Eaton Hears Voices

Earlier this year I had the pleasure and honor of recording my voice for one of Tom Eaton's animations titled "The MP3 Mobile". It was a great experience in which I was able to collaborate with someone very talented and experience something totally new.
Tom Eaton's sense of humor is very classic in many ways and that is why I enjoy his work. His animations have a way of making your day brighter in a manner of 2 or 3 minutes. To me, it is pure magic. See for yourself.