Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Good Friend Philipp

Myspace has been good to me. I never imagined a place on the net where musicians and artists could promote their art with very little effort and at no cost.
Myspace has also been a place to make great friends. I have connected with many great musicians all over the world and have made some heart to heart connections. One of those special connections is my very good friend Philipp Sohlmann. Philipp resides in Germany and is a super talented musician and song writer. Philipp's voice is a concoction of milk and honey. His smooth comforting voice takes you floating on a dream cloud through the hills and valleys of the north country. The songs are carefully constructed and have a many treats hidden inside of them for you to find. Philipp will be releasing a full length very soon. Itll be a gem of an album that should not be missed.
For my birthday Philipp sent me a gift unlike any other gift Ive ever received. A carefree song about life's crazy dance that surprisingly enough mentions yours truly. I am honored to have made history through someone else's art and even more just so overwhelmed with joy that he would place me in one of his gems. It truly makes my heart skip a beat. Here's the song titled " Hey " for your enjoyment.

HEY by Philipp Sohlmann

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