Saturday, July 4, 2009

Poem for Dinner

I fell down
about a year ago
I flushed the toilet
I cried in fear
It wasn't me
Its not me
I never wanted it
It just sneaked up on me

Blue nights
Chain smoking in the sun
and then the winter came
to freeze the pond
You know
that beautiful pond
The one in greenwood
No more picnics

They all lied
I wished to make them disappear
but they didn't
They said I was a monster
a big scary monster
They even laughed
but I'm a swan
You know the swan
The pond is frozen

Tomorrow night
I'm gonna have you for dinner
Ive been so hungry
I deserve to eat and rest
sleep without the heavy ghost
I deserve to see my friends again
but I wont

I fell down
about a year ago
I know I'll never fall again