Sunday, August 28, 2011

just tomorrow

removing the alarming red colored tape from my windows. enjoying the breeze that irene left for me. sleep. sleep. sleep. disaster followed me around for three days. it made my bones brittle with fear. cold. water. the warmth of my daughters arms around my neck. forlorn. my wife's kisses. gone. far away. escape. ill stay. i have no choice. fear. her old eyes couldn't comprehend. the wrinkles flooded with tears. can i take my pictures?will we loose everything? good job guys! great job! no food. hungry. my partner listens to the news. the news. the news. the news. the news. panic. fear. lets get away. the sirens. headache. dehydration. flooding. he stole our flag. that fucking crazy bastard. brooklyn accent. the rain. heavy rain. zeus is crying. stale cigarettes. the cabin fills with smoke. rain. wet uniforms. hands breaking. working. sweating. hunger. i want to cry but i cant. let me call her. will i die alone. i dont want to wake up. i dont want to see the flood. did we make it? did we make it? shhhh...silence of the lambs. shhhh. did we make it? i cant see. georgia moon. shakey bones. shakey graves. ill see my baby today. ill see my babies today. even the unborn. did she hear the wind? sunny side eggs and french fries. mothers touch. always warm. not like irene's. i feel renewed. woke up. woke up. the flood. no flood. i smoke the cigarette outside my door. the leaves have fallen. its not autumn. collect the branches. gather your tears.