Sunday, November 9, 2008

Auld Lang Syne playing on my record player

I had the pleasure of getting in the mail the 7" Auld Lang Syne 45rpm single released by Viper Bite Records. Being a record collector this was a real treat for me. I love the old warm crackle coming from my record players speaker. It's just heaven. Either way let me come back to earth now. Auld Lang Syne is a Rochester NY roots rock band that has been under the radar for too long. I will dare to say these guys are the reincarnation of The Band. These guys are going places and its happening fast.
The first track "Where My Fortune Lies" is a classic. From the moment I heard this song I fell in love with its progression, jangly banjo and dreamy sleigh bells, and not to mention the drums on this song that are just perfect. Every element of this song is a perfect fit. Timothy Dick's voice is superb. Deep baritone tone coming at you with emotion that could easily make you teary eyed. Timmy Gallogly's contributing harmony on this one is chillingly beautiful. All I can say is this song needs to move to a higher plane. This song is a true example of great songwriting and tasteful arrangement.
On the b side of this perfect little 45 is the song "50 Years". This song took me a little bit longer to really soak up, but once I heard it a couple of times, I could really understand the emotion behind the strong voice. It sends chills down my spine. Jonathan Miller the author of this song brings a strong projection of passion and pain on this track. His voice trembles and shakes and is from an era lost and forgotten. "50 Years" embodies so much imagery that I could truly see it being the soundtrack to a deep unfolding drama.
I never doubt that my good friends up in Rochester ( Kathy and Tim, Timmy G and Jonathan )will always produce songs that will blow the socks of my feet. These guys are truly making a mark in this world, from making beautiful music to raising families to making good friends where ever they go. I'm grateful to have had these folks very close for some time but now distance is our enemy but the music still keeps us close. I will keep you posted on the full length which should be out this winter.

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