Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A. Bogs Defeats the Grinch Once Again

Since for me, Christmas is not officially over till Three Kings Day, I decided to throw this one in. I just heard a couple of Christmas songs on my good friend A. Bogs myspace page and once again was enchanted with his knack for writing timeless Christmas songs. Not sure what magical ingredient he is mixing into these songs that brings out the holiday spirit, but it really works. I'm sure it is something he found in the attic of his new home in Rochester NY and is just not telling me. Well I promise all of you that when I visit, I will request to sleep in the attic and make sure I find this heavenly ingredient he is selfishly keeping to himself.
Go to Bogs Visionary Orchestra's myspace page and listen. Aside from the three Christmas songs, "This Christmas", "How are you It's Christmas", and my personal favorite " Children of the World" you will find his other treasures waiting for you to hit the play button. Enjoy!

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