Friday, April 1, 2011

im trying to take a nap

go away from my window
im trying to take a nap
i deserve this nap

last night i had barely 3 hours of sleep
you and the marketing clown
can go and shove it!

when was the last time you took a nap and dreamt
of a beautiful world?
where bills dont have to be paid
where the sky is forever blue
where i can play with Dakota
on the coney island sand everyday of the year
where i can stay home and make art and record those cloudy songs of mine
where i can enjoy some greasy burgers with my wife every evening for diner
and not gain a pound
where i can make love to my wife in the mornings, before i leave for work and come back at 12noon for more

dont bang on my window!
go away from my window!
im trying to take a nap!
and try to forget that i spend my daylight hours enslaved to your labor

go away you clown!

jose delhart (poem in the ambulance)

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