Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its 12: 44 am and...

Dakota is still not asleep. I'm not sure whats going on with her. She seems to get more and more energy by the minute. My eyes hurt.
Someone in France wrote about my music on some music blog. How strange huh ?. I'm not sure how this happens but I'm just baffled at how someone so far away found my tunes and actually enjoyed them.
What a day! I must be dreaming. Maybe Dakota is really fast asleep.
Not sure though.


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ekkert_svar said...

Hi Jose,

I am the guy from Paris who wrote something about you. I found your page randomly on myspace, I was clicking from one profile to one other. Then I found your page and it was sounding so good to me that I thought I could write few words about your music. What I write on this blog is not really articles, it is just about pics that music draws in my head while listening. Here your music made me think about a sunny afternoon in paris's avenues. It is a perfect day without clouds, i'm waliking down the streets, and there is a silent smile on my girlfriend's face and mine.

I hope to hear more from Little Red Buddha soon... ;)

All the best,
Jeremy (aka ekkert_svar) from Paris.