Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dakota In Concert Take 2

Do you guys remember last month when I tried filming one of Dakotas performances and her guitar strings popped? Well, her grandma got her a fancy cherry red sunburst acoustic guitar for Christmas so she has been playing that a lot around the house quite a bit. I made a little guitar strap for her so she could carry it around easily. Shes been having some fun playing her songs. Hope you enjoy the videos.

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sith76 said...

Ummm, that just might be the cutest thing EVER! Her sweet little voice reminds me of 'Boo' from Monsters Inc. My 2 year old may have just developed his 1st crush- he keeps saying, "Let's watch that again!". I must admit, the girl can rock... perhaps SHE could teach me a few things on the banjo. ha ha. Thanks for sharing- gave me a good giggle and made this cold, dreary day a bit brighter. Much love.