Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dollar Store Dream

I was at a dollar store buying some things.
As I turn around from grabbing something from a rack on the wall, a lady with long gray hair shoves an ice pop in my mouth. I move to another aisle, she follows me and proceeds to rub up against me as she walks down the aisle. I then walk over to my wife and head to the check out and leave the store. It is dark and cold outside.
I go to visit my friend who is Billy Crudup. He needs a heroin fix, so I proceed to help him by tying a tourniquet on his bicep. I also inject him with the drug. The lady with with the long gray hair is hanging around the house.
All of a sudden the cops show up and we run away. We end up catching our breath in the middle of a forest. We are getting really hungry. Billy says that he hears the worms underneath the trees trying to get out of the ground. We then start to rip out the roots of a huge tree and once all the roots are exhumed we tip over the tree. We can see the worms peeking out of the ground. I plucked them, and one by one they popped out. The worms were about 2 feet long.
We begin to eat the worms; we are satisfied.

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