Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Greatest Day

Life has changed so much in the span of 2 months. Today is my first day blogging, something I despised and surely never thought I would be doing, but like the saying goes "never say never".

I spent most of my morning playing a little accordion with my baby girl Dakota. She's really obsessed with this toy accordion. The problem is that she can't really play it on her own, so I have to sit with her and help her get some sound out of this forsaken baby accordion. At first, its adorable and inspirational, but after a couple of hours you start to go bonkers. I finally distracted her with her ukulele. Thank the heavens!

I'm trying to to get back to finishing my album. So far, Ive been working on it all week. Hopefully it'll be out in the next few months. I hope everyone enjoys it, as I think it holds many beautiful treasures.

Its a beautiful day today. The sky is clear and I havent heard a car alarm yet, so I think were good to go. Im not sure how good I'll be at this bloggin stuff, so we will see. Till next time.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how much more convenient if you had a livejournal!
i mean, convenient for ME.

I like blogs/journals/internet diaries. Just without the lock and key. ...and without the "I just had my first kiss today!" line...