Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Earlier this year I had the honor of being asked to be a part of a tribute album to Rollin Hunt.
Rollin Hunt is an amazing singer/songwriter/artist from planet earth. I discovered his music about 2 years ago and was immediately hooked. The honest rawness of his recordings and his amazing story telling is something to admire. I chose to cover the song " Nice Night". Its a very intimate song that automatically made my spirit feel at ease. I tried to think of very eccentric ways of covering this song, but in the end, following Rollin's spirit seemed to work the best. It was a lot of fun and for sure an immense honor to be a part of such a tribute. I have posted a link to Rollins Myspace and the Tribute's Myspace too. The song is posted below for everyone to listen to. Adios!


Tribute album Myspace page:

Rollin Hunts Myspace page:

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